Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Insurance Waiver for Spring 2024 is now open!

The deadline to waive is February 2, 2024.


If you need to use your health insurance before the waiver deadline, you will need to email Core Health at to request activation. After the waiver deadline, all plans are automatically activated.

*You must waive your Student Health Insurance every semester if you do not plan to use it.*

Due to the continuing need for all students to have adequate health care coverage, Mercer University requires students enrolled in 3 or more hours on the Macon, Atlanta, Law, Medical, Savannah and Columbus campuses to provide proof of health insurance coverage each semester. 

Exceptions to the Health Insurance Requirement:

  • Students enrolled within the Regional Academic Centers are not subject to the requirement;
  • All International students must carry active health insurance regardless of hours enrolled or campus attended

Those who do not wish to purchase the school policy must provide proof of coverage by completing an online insurance waiver at the CORE Management website by the published deadline. Once coverage is verified, the premium charge will automatically reverse off the student's account. If the waiver is not completed each semester by the published deadline, the student will be held responsible for payment of the non-refundable insurance premium. No exceptions are made to this deadline.

**Please note that in order for your waiver to be approved, your existing coverage must meet the minimum waiver requirements. Please do not contact the Office of the Bursar to request removal of these charges.


CORE Management is responsible for ALL waiver decisions.

QUESTIONS? Please contact CORE at (888)741-2673 or send an email to

Insurance Waiver Process

To waive the insurance provided by Mercer, carefully follow the instructions listed below:,

  • Before you begin the waiver process, make sure you have your current insurance card available.
  • Access the CORE Management website to complete the waiver
  • You will receive immediate notification that your waiver has been verified and approved
  • The premium will be reversed off your account ONLY once your waiver is APPROVED. Please allow up to 5 business days after you submit your waiver to see the insurance premium reversed from your MyMercer account

Insurance ID Cards

Students will recevie their insurance cards 10-15 business days after close of the waiver period.  You may also enroll and print your identification card online at during each waiver period.


 Student Health Insurance FAQ

What if the deadline for waiving is missed?

Students who fail to complete the waiver prior to the deadline will be held liable for the insurance premium, regardless of personal coverage. If you wish to appeal this charge, you must submit a written appeal via e-mail to For additional information regarding the appeals process, please visit the CORE Management website



Must I have Health Insurance?

Yes. Mercer requires all students (excluding those enrolled at Regional Academic Centers or in a Distance Learning Program) and international students (regardless of program/school) to maintain active health insurance. Every semester all students are automatically charged for insurance after registering for three (3) hours of coursework.

I already have insurance or I do not want additional insurance, what do I do?

Complete the steps above to submit an insurance waiver through CORE Management.

I don't have health insurance, what should I do?

Nothing. By not completing the waiver, insurance will automatically be charged to your student account as long as you are enrolled in at least 3 hours. You may log into the CORE website and print your ID cards.
What if I need to use my insurance now?
If you need to use your plan prior to the start of classes, you will need to follow the following steps to activate your account and print your insurance card:
  • Go to the CORE Management page
  • Click the Enroll button and provide all information requested
  • You will be able to print your insurance card
  • You will need to complete this process each semester you need to utilize the insurance prior to the waiver deadline
If you have questions regarding this process, please contact CORE Management at (888)741-2673.
What is the cost of the Student Health Insurance?

What does the plan cover?


What does CORE Management do with the information on their website?

The information is used to verify that your personal health insurance coverage meets Mercer's minimum requirements and is currently active. No information is shared with third-party vendors.

What if my waiver is not approved?

The primary insurance coverage you provide during the waiver process will be either immediately approved or denied. If your waiver is denied, you will have the opportunity, at the time of the denial, to correct any missing or incorrect waiver information and resubmit your waiver. You will also have the opportunity to revisit the student website to complete the waiver. All waivers must be submitted and approved PRIOR to the posted deadline above.

Additional Questions?

Please contact CORE Management at (888)741-2673 or send an email to