Payment Options

The Bursar's Office understands that tuition is a significant investment, so we have provided you with many convenient options to pay your bill.

Please expand the following options for additional information.

You can pay online through NelNet by logging into your MyMercer Portal and clicking on the Pay and Manage My Account link under the My Finances tab. The following payment methods are accepted online:

  • E-check
  • Debit/credit card (additional credit card processing fee assessed)

You can pay in office with:

  • Money order
  • Check

Checks and money orders made payable to Mercer University can be mailed to:
Attn: The Office of the Bursar, 1501 Mercer University Drive, Macon, GA 31207

Please include your student ID number on your check or money order. 

The Bursar's Office offers online payment plans that allow for payment of your account balance over multiple months.

Click here to view the current payment plan flyer.

How to Enroll

  • Log into your MyMercer student portal
  • Choose the Pay and Manage My Account link under My Finances
  • Select Set Up a Payment Plan and follow the instructions on the screen

For step-by-step instructions on setting up the payment plan, click here.

The Bursar's Office reserves the right to terminate payment plan agreements due to delinquency. At the point of delinquency or termination, accounts will be subject to holds, late fees and possible end of term collection activity.

The Employer Tuition Assistance Deferral program allows participants to defer their tuition payments until the completion of the semester, with no finance or interest charges. The program is designed for students whose employers offer reimbursements for tuition charges, upon completion of the semester. You must receive approval from your employer to enroll in this program.


To enroll in this plan, complete the Employer Tuition Assistance Deferral application located on your MyMercer Portal under the My Finances tab on the left-hand toolbar by the first day of class. Please note, students enrolled in the ETAD program are not eligible to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plans. 


Please complete the application along with: 

· $50 enrollment fee 

· $175 down payment 

· Any out-of-pocket balance remaining 

· A signed or approved letter or document from the employer that includes the student's name and the amount employer will pay (numeric or percentage) 


If you have any questions about Employer Tuition Assistance Deferral Program, please reach out to our Sponsor Billing Specialist.


Alex Hackney

Sponsor Billing Specialist


Mercer University has partnered with Flywire to provide international students with an easy and secure method to make international payments. As the leading payments processor for educational institutions all over the world, Flywire delivers students’ tuition payments quickly, easily, and securely.

With Flywire you can:

  • Track your payments from start to finish
  • Make payments in more than 150 currencies, online and from banks worldwide
  • Other available payment methods include international credit and debit cards, and other international payment options that vary by country
  • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
  • Enjoy peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support
  • Ensure accurate and timely posting of your payment to your student account

To ensure that your student's account is properly credited in a timely and expedient fashion, please click on the logo below to initiate your payment.


A 529 Plan is a college savings account that is tax-exempt and you can contribute as you wish. Earnings grow tax-free and are spent tax-free for eligible college expenses such as tuition, books, and fees.

Students can utilize their 529 college savings plans at Mercer. Due to the large number of 529 plans and frequent changes Mercer University is unable to provide individual plan information. Please contact your plan provider to determine their requirements for individual billing information and any payment restrictions. To utilize these benefits students must notify their plan administrator that they would like to use their benefits at Mercer University.

529 Plans without Invoice Requirement

If your plan type will issue the funds directly to Mercer without an invoice, payment can be sent electronically via Flywire or sent by mail to the address below. Please ensure payments sent include the Student’s name and Student Mercer ID number (MUID).

Mercer University

ATTN Bursar’s Office

1501 Mercer University Drive

Macon, GA 31207

529 Plans with Invoice Requirement

Students whose plan requires an invoice should confirm their use of benefits with the Bursar’s Office by notifying our Sponsor Billing Specialist, their contact information is listed below. Invoices are sent after the add/drop period for the term. Any amounts not covered by your plan are due by the first day of class.

If you have any questions about utilizing your 529 college savings plan, please reach out to our Sponsor Billing Specialist.

Alex Hackney

Sponsor Billing Specialist


If an approved company or organization will be responsible for paying all or a part of a student's tuition and fees, this is called a Sponsorship or Third-Party Billing arrangement. Mercer University requires authorization from the company or organization in order to set up an approved sponsorship billing arrangement.


Examples of approved billing sponsors include, but are not limited to:  

· Foreign Governments 

· Non-Profit Sponsors 

· Private Agency 


Sponsor Billing Requirements


The student is responsible for providing the Office of the Bursar with their sponsor's billing authorization, financial guarantee, or voucher that clearly states the extent and scope of the sponsorship. Authorizations must be written in English and contain no restrictions or contingencies (For example, if the sponsor requires course completion, grades, or transcripts prior to payment, the transaction does NOT qualify as Sponsor/Third-Party Billing). Each authorization will be valid for one semester unless otherwise specified. Sponsor Billing Authorizations should be uploaded through your MyMercer Student Portal by selecting the Sponsor Billing Authorization Form located under the My Finances heading.


All authorization, guarantees, or vouchers MUST be submitted by the first day of class and include the following:


· Student Name 

· Student Mercer ID number (MUID) 

· Specific term and charges the sponsor will cover (i.e. tuition only, tuition and fees, etc.) 

· Sponsor billing address for invoicing

· Name, signature, and contact information of the authorized party 


Sponsors are invoiced after the add/drop period for the term. All sponsor payments must be made directly to Mercer University. Any balance not covered by the sponsor is due by the first day of class. 


In the event the sponsor does not pay, the student is responsible for the unpaid balance on the account. Students utilizing sponsor billing must resolve all outstanding balances no later than 30 days from the last day of class. 


If you have any questions about Sponsor Billing, please reach out to our Sponsor Billing Specialist.


Alex Hackney

Sponsor Billing Specialist


The Bursar's Office is proud to work with various programs to help students utilize their educational benefits.  Our office directly invoices for Vocational Rehabilitation VA (Chapter 31), and the VA Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP).  For VA Post 9/11 GI BILL (Chapter 33), tuition and fees are certified with the VA by your Mercer School Certifying Official.

Veterans Administration and Vocational Rehabilitation

To begin the certification process, please contact the Registrar's Office. 

All Atlanta Programs Macon & RAC Programs
All Law Programs All Med Programs


VA Funding Intent Form

Students wishing to utilize their VA Education benefits must submit a VA Funding Intent Form each semester, authorizing Mercer University to certify their education benefits. The form is accessible for completion through the student’s MyMercer portal by selecting ACTION ITEMS under the Dashboard heading. Questions may be directed to the student’s Certifying Official on their respective campus.

VA Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP)

HPSP recipients are required to submit a scholarship approval letter to the Bursar Office VA and Military Billing Specialist via email. Authorizations to invoice must be addressed to Mercer University and received by the first day of class, but no later than the end of the add/drop period. Invoicing for scholarship funds will be per the terms as stated on the scholarship letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA Pending Payment Rights

In compliance with Title 38 United States Code Section 3679(e), Mercer University adheres to the following provisions for any student(s) that are considered "a covered individual" who are using Chapter 33 Post 9/11 Gi Bill, or Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs benefits:

The University will not:

  • Prevent the student's enrollment in classes
  • Assess a penalty fee (late fees, administrative fees) due to delayed disbursements from the Department of Veterans Affairs under Chapter 31 or Chapter 33
  • Deny access to any school resources, classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities that are available to other paid students
  • Require the student to borrow additional funds for the length of time these provisions are applicable

The University will require students to provide the following documents to be considered a "covered individual":

  • An official "Certificate of Eligibility" from the VA website for benefits [Chapter 33] or a VAF 28–1905 [Chapter 31] on or before the first day of class for the semester.
  • Any additional documentation required to ensure proper certification of benefits.

Any difference in the amount of the student's financial obligation to the university and the amount the student is eligible to receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs may incur an additional fee or a payment/payment arrangement may be required to cover the difference.

If you have any questions about billing for Veterans Administration Programs, please reach out to our VA and Military Billing Specialist.

Tonya Albritton

Assistant Bursar, VA and Military Billing Specialist


Tuition Assistance Application Process

Each military branch has its own TA application form and procedures. Before proceeding with registration, you may be required to develop an education plan or complete a TA orientation. To find out how to get started, visit your local installation education center or go online to your military branch’s virtual education center.

For additional information regarding Military Tuition Assistance please click here.


Tuition Assistance Billing Requirements

Once you are approved, submit your Tuition Assistance documentation to the Mercer’s VA and Military Billing Specialist. Military Tuition Assistance forms should be uploaded through your MyMercer Student Portal by selecting the Military Tuition Assistance Form located under the My Finances heading.

For additional questions regarding Military Tuition Assistance and Mercer’s billing process, please reach out to:

Tonya Albritton

Assistant Bursar, VA and Military Billing Specialist




Army ROTC contracted cadets will submit their Cadet Payment Request (CPR) through the ArmyIgnitED Student Portal. Contact the Military Science Department for additional inquiries.

For more information about Mercer’s ROTC Program please click here.

You can find information regarding grants, loans and scholarships at

For additional assistance, please contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at (478) 301-2670.