Bear Card Transfers

Our office offers Bear Card transfers to advance excess Financial Aid funds to your Bear Card for the purchase of books and supplies.

Please note:

  • Money transferred to your Bear Card is NON-REFUNDABLE except upon graduation or withdrawal from Mercer University.
  • The Bear Card can only be used at approved locations. Bear Card funds cannot be withdrawn through a bank ATM.
  • If you lose eligibility for financial aid or withdraw from Mercer University, you will be liable for all balances owed.
  • The amount of advance cannot exceed the amount of the credit, or $600 per term, without supporting documentation to show why additional funds are necessary.
  • Undergraduate students must opt out of the Bear Book Bundle in order to be eligible for a Bear Card Transfer.

To request a transfer to your Bear Card, please fill out the Bear Card Transfer Request form online through your MyMercer portal under the Self Help Center tab. Bear Card transfers may be requested any time there is a credit balance or projected credit balance on your account.

*For step-by-step instructions, please visit the How-To tab on our website.