Student Choice Refund Methods

Refunds will begin processing after the drop/add period. Refunds are disbursed based on your student choice refund method.


Students may choose one of the following refund options:

  • Paper Check (default method for all students)
  • Direct Deposit (checking/savings)
  • Reloadable Debit Card (Mercer DOES NOT supply cards)


How to enroll in Direct Deposit/Reloadable Debit Cards

  1. Sign into your MyMercer
  2. Click on My Finances tab on the left-hand side of your home page
  3. Select Pay and Manage My Account
  4. Click on Manage Refunds to manage your refund options

Please make sure that all account information is correct prior to submitting enrollment. If a bank account, routing number or reloadable debit card number is entered incorrectly, you will receive a paper check and your refund may be delayed.


Paper Checks

Checks should arrive within 7-10 days after the check is shipped. Verify that your student master/permanent address is correct in order to avoid any possible delays in receiving your check. To update your address information, log in to your MyMercer student portal, click on My Profile and then click My Information and make changes there.