Withdrawal Policy

Please find the complete description of the Withdrawal/Refund Policy on page 46 of the Mercer University catalog.

Any student interested in withdrawing from a class(es) is URGED TO CONTACT THEIR FINANCIAL PLANNING COUNSELOR to determine if financial aid eligibility will be affected.

**IMPORTANT: Dropping session two courses after completing session one IS considered a withdrawal.

Tuition charges will be reversed 100% for any student who drops during the drop/add period at the start of the semester. A student who withdraws after the end of the drop/add period, but BEFORE the end of the withdrawal period, may be entitled to a prorated credit of the tuition and fee charges, if certain criteria are met.

A student must withdraw from ALL SESSIONS of a semester in order to complete a term withdrawal.

A student is NOT ELIGIBLE for a refund if:

  • the student fails to formally withdraw
  • the student is suspended for disciplinary reasons
  • the student withdraws when a disciplinary action or honor code violation is pending, or -
  • the student withdraws from a class or classes, BUT does not totally withdraw from ALL classes for the semester

To FORMALLY RESIGN, a student must drop or withdraw from all courses for the term by:

  • completing the new online withdrawal form located in your MyMercer portal. To access this form, please login to your portal and choose "External Links" from the left-side menu
  • completing and returning an official Term Withdrawal Form obtained from the Registrar's Office

One of these options must be received in the Registrar's Office before the resignation process can be finalized. Refund calculations will be based upon the date official notification is received in the Registrar's Office.

The criteria for the Mercer Institutional Refund Policy are based upon federal mandates established by the Federal Return Policy, which took effect on all of the Mercer campuses on August, 15, 2000, replacing all existing refund policies throughout the University.