Direct Deposit and Reloadable Debit Cards

Mercer is happy to announce that students now have three refund options to choose from.

Students may choose one of the following refund options to receive their financial aid refund checks:

  • Paper Check
  • Direct Deposit (checking/savings)
  • Reloadable Debit Card (the student must obtain this card from a retailer of their choice; Mercer DOES NOT supply these cards)


How to Enroll in Direct Deposit/Reloadable Debit Cards

  1. Sign into your MyMercer portal.
  2. Select Manage My Account
  3. Choose Refunds

Please make sure that all account information is correct prior to submitting enrollment. If a bank account, routing number, or reloadable debit card number is entered incorrectly, you will receive a paper check and your refund may be delayed.

Paper Checks

All refund checks will be mailed to students. Students living on campus will receive their refund checks at their Mercer Box. Regional Academic Center and other students living off campus will receive their refund checks at their permanent home address. Please ensure that your permanent address is correct to prevent any delays. If your address needs updating, please complete the Address/Name Change Form at the Office of the Registrar.

Refund checks are processed by the Office of the Bursar after the end of the drop/add period.  At this time, our office will begin reviewing refundable credit balances on all student accounts.  If it is determined that you are eligible for a refund, and you have not signed up for direct deposit or a reloadable debit card, a paper check will be requested on your behalf and mailed to either your Mercer Box or permanent home address.  Please continue to check your MyMercer account for the status of your refund.  

PLUS Loan Refund Authorization

Federal regulations require that any PLUS Loan credit balance remaining after school charges on a student's account have been satisfied must be refunded to the parent, unless the parent has authorized the school to pay the balance to the student.

If you wish for Mercer to refund PLUS Loan credit balances directly to student, each semester you are required to sign and return a PLUS Loan Refund Authorization Form. This form is also available in the Office of the Bursar.