Retroactive Enrollment and Refund Appeals

Mercer University has established official, published policies and guidelines regarding registration, attendance, withdrawal and refunds.  These policies and guidelines are available for review in the Mercer University Catalog. The purpose of this committee is to examine extraordinary circumstances that may warrant additional consideration. 

This committee was established to consider appeals from students who faced extraordinary circumstances which impacted a student’s ability to withdraw, drop, or add courses after a term concluded. 

Typically, the situations addressed are:

  • Students who stop attending without officially withdrawing from class, thus receive grades of FQ
  • Students who withdraw after the end of the drop/add period and are seeking to retroactively “drop” the course without financial or academic penalty
  • Consider appeals from students who believe their extraordinary circumstances entitle them to receive a refund of tuition and fees over and above that established by Mercer University’s Official Refund Policy.  

Students wishing to appeal the University Enrollment or Refund Policy should do so by completing and submitting the Retroactive Enrollment Refund Appeal form located on their MyMercer Student Portal, under the MyFinances Tab. Supporting documentation for the term being appealed must also be provided.

For all medical appeals, the Health Documentation Form can be completed and submitted along with other pertinent documents. Appeals should be submitted no later than the beginning of the following semester.

Once the Committee has reached a decision, the student will be notified in writing to their official Mercer email address.

Mercer University shall maintain a fair and equitable refund policy by the adherence to the Federal Return Policy.

Financial aid funds are refunded to the source of such funds in accordance with the Federal Return Policy.