Book Advance Policy

Book Funds Request Form

*The deadline for spring 2019 is December 14, 2018.*

Title IV Book Advances

Mercer University must provide Title IV recipient students with the ability to obtain books and supplies by the seventh day of the term to enable them to succeed academically.  Therefore, we provide book advances of Title IV financial aid funds to eligible students upon request. A book advance is an advance of the student’s expected Title IV financial aid credit balance that will be deducted from his/her first disbursement of financial aid for the term.

To be eligible for a book advance, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Make satisfactory academic progress and have a complete financial aid file with enough accepted Title IV aid to generate a credit in excess of their tuition and fees, housing, and meals. (Title IV funds will show as “Federal” on a student’s financial aid award letter and student bill.)
  • All financial aid documentation must be completed, and aid must be eligible to be disbursed, no later than ten (10) days before the start of the term.
  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time in a Mercer University credit program.
  • The amount of advance cannot exceed the amount of the credit, up to a maximum of $600.00 per term, without supporting documentation indicating additional funds are necessary for the purchase of books and required supplies/equipment.

Eligible students will receive their advances through Bear Card transfer or their preferred Student Choice Refund option.

In order to receive the advance via your Student Choice Refund method, the Title IV Book Advance Form must be received by the Bursar’s Office by the deadline listed on the form.  Due to time constraints, requests submitted after the deadline can only be processed as BearCard transfers.  

Students who lose Title IV eligibility or withdraw from some or all classes, and/or do not attend classes, will be responsible to repay the book advance funds.


Please contact your respective Financial Planning counselor at (478)301-2670 (Macon) or (478)301-5381 (RAC) with any questions regarding your financial aid.


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