Frequently Asked Questions

Refund Checks

Where is my refund check?

Our office does not begin processing refund checks until after the drop/add period. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates. **Please note that your refund check will NOT be requested until AFTER your Financial Aid awards have posted to your account. Awards are posted at random times so we cannot offer any information on when you can expect them to arrive.

You may sign up for Direct Deposit or a Reloadable Debit Card by accessing your MyMercer portal and choosing Manage My Account and then "Refunds." Students who do not enroll in Direct Deposit or the Reloadable Debit Card option will receive a paper check. It takes approximately two business days to receive the checks back into the Bursar's Office. If you live in campus housing, your check will be delivered to your Mercer Box. If you do not live in campus housing, your check will be mailed to the permanent address listed on your student account. Please allow 10 business days to receive your check before contacting our office.

The Office of the Bursar will no longer distribute checks to individuals at the counter for any reason.


How can I get a copy of my transcript?
All transcript requests are processed through the Registrar's Office and may be obtained as long as there are no holds on your account. Payment and a written request with your signature are required before a transcript will be provided to you. The Registrar's Office provides a form here that may be mailed or faxed in, or you may fill out a copy in their office. Payment must be made at or before time of request. Please see below for accepted payment methods.

How do I get a letter of enrollment for insurance purposes?
You may obtain a copy of your enrollment certification by going through MyMercer and clicking on the link for National Student Clearinghouse.

Making Payments

What methods of payment do you accept?

IN OFFICE: Our office can accept cash, check, money order and cashier's check at the counter.

ONLINE: We accept both e-checks and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) through MyMercer via Manage My Account. All credit card payments are subject to a 2.75% service charge. In order for a parent or guest to make payment online on your behalf, you will need to set them up as an Authorized Payer through Manage My Account. Please see below for details.

VIA MAIL: We accept checks, money orders and cashier's checks through the mail. For your own protection, please do not mail cash. Payment may be sent to Bursar's Office, Mercer University, 1501 Mercer University Drive, Macon, GA 31207.

We are unable to accept payment of any kind over the phone.

How do I create an Authorized Payer?
If you would like your parent or another individual to receive notification of and be able to view your tuition bill, you must first follow these easy steps to set them up as an Authorized Payer:

1. Sign into your MyMercer portal.

2. Select the Manage My Account box

3. Click the My Profile tab

4. Choose Manage Payers

5. Click "Add an Authorized Party"

6. Your new Authorized Payer will receive an email asking them to confirm their account and complete their registration. **NOTE: They will not have access to your tuition bill or to make a payment until they complete this step.

What happened to the $500 deposit I paid before I started school?
The deposit you paid has been posted to your student account. This deposit is divided as follows: $100 is applied towards your Orientation Fee and the remaining $400 is applied as a prepayment towards your tuition.

How do I view my bill online?
Your account information, including your bill, can be accessed via your MyMercer portal via Manage My Account. This link provides historical statements as well as real-time account information.

How can my parents view my bill?
Your parent or other individual must be established as an Authorized Payer in order to access your account information. Please see above for instructions.

Payment Plans

How do I sign up for the monthly payment plan?
To enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan for the current term, please refer to this page.

My employer will pay for my tuition. How can I sign up for the Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan?
To enroll in the Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan, please refer to this page.

Bear Card/Auxiliary Services

What is a Bear Card?
The Bear Card is your identification card for the university. This card is obtained from Auxiliary Services and allows you access to buildings at the university including the University Center. Funds can also be added to your card for use in food service areas, vending machines, and the bookstore. For more information on the Bear Card, visit this website or contact Auxiliary Services.

How can I use my excess financial aid to pay for my books?
If you are anticipating the receipt of Financial Aid awards in excess of what is needed to cover your tuition bill, you may submit a written request via mail or fax, or come to the Bursar's Office to complete a Book Advance Form. Requests received before 4:30pm will be processed the same day. Requests received after 4:30pm will be processed the following business day.

Where can I use my Bear Card?
You can use your Bear Card at several locations on campus including vending machines, restaurants in the University Center, the laundry, the Mercer Bookstore and the Copy Center. There are many off campus businesses that also accept the Bear Card. View the complete list.

What if I don't use all the money I put on my Bear Card for books?
Once the funds are on your Bear Card, they will remain there for future use. We are not able to refund monies once they are transferred. Upon graduation or withdrawal from Mercer, any funds in excess of $25 remaining on your Bear Card will be refunded to you upon request. Please contact Auxiliary Services regarding these refunds.

Third Party Billing

I am receiving tuition assistance from an outside agency (VA, military, foreign agency, etc). What do I need to do?
Students receiving tuition assistance need to submit a copy of their direct billing authorization form or financial guarantee to the Bursar's Office. Once the form has been received, a notation will be placed on your account. All billings will be submitted following the drop/add period. Any charges not covered by the outside agency must be paid by the first day of class.

Students receiving VA benefits should contact the Registrar's Office directly to turn in any necessary forms or paperwork before billing can occur.

What should I do if I participate in Florida Prepaid or Alabama PACT programs?
In order for Mercer to bill Florida Prepaid and Alabama PACT, you must contact the program directly to authorize the release of funds to Mercer. At the beginning of term, these programs will send a letter directly to Mercer authorizing us to bill them on a per credit hour basis for your tuition. Once the letter has been received, a notation will be placed on your account and we will bill after the drop/add period.

Financial Aid

My billing statement does not show the outside loan or scholarship I am getting. Why?
All outside loans and scholarships should be reported to the Office of Financial Planning so they may add these awards to your total financial aid package. Once the scholarship or loan funds have been added to your award package, they will be reflected on your statement.

What should I do if my financial aid is not complete by the first day of class?

If you do not receive financial aid awards, you will be responsible for the full, immediate payment of your account. Once your financial aid is received, your payment will be reimbursed.

Student Health Insurance

Should I contact the Bursar's Office in order to remove the Student Health Insurance?
The Student Health Insurance Premium will be automatically removed from your account if you have valid insurance coverage that is verified through CORE Administrative Services. View the detailed instructions on how to remove the insurance charges from your account.

Can the Student Health Insurance Premium be added to the Monthly Payment Plan or Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan?
While the insurance can be factored into your Nelnet monthly payment plan, the insurance CANNOT be added to the Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan. Insurance must be paid with your initial down payment.