Frequently Asked Questions

Stipends/Refund Checks

When will my stipend check be ready?

Stipends will not be issued until after the drop/add period ends and financial aid posts to the account. This time period allows the Registrar’s Office and the Office of Student Financial Planning to process any changes. 


How can I get my stipend check?

You can sign up for Direct Deposit or a Reloadable Debit Card by accessing your MyMercer portal and choosing Manage My Account. If you do not sign up for Direct Deposit or a Reloadable Debit Card, your paper check will be mailed to your permanent home address listed on your student master.  Please ensure that your permanent address is correct to prevent any delays. Please allow 10 business days to receive your stipend.


Making Payments


What are the various methods of payment you accept?

You can make payment by cash, check, or money order in our office. We also accept e-checks as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments online through My Mercer via Manage My Account. This is a secure method of payment and is available anytime. (Maintenance is done nightly at 12 a.m.).

You can mail checks or money orders to the Bursar's Office, 3001 Mercer University Drive, Atlanta, GA 30341. Please do not send cash.


How can I view my bill online?


Your bill and all account information can be accessed via your MyMercer portal.  

All communication regarding accounts is remitted electronically via email. Account statements may be obtained through the Manage My Account link on the MyMercer portal. This link provides historical statements as well as real-time account information.


Can someone else view my bill and make payment on my account?

If you would like for someone else to receive notification that your bill is available you must register them as an authorized payer.  To make them an authorized payer, sign in to your My Mercer Portal and choose the Manage My Account box. Select My Profile and then Manage Payers. Click to Add an Authorized Party. Please note, authorized payers created in QuikPAY are no longer viable. You must create authorized payers in our new billing system.

To protect your information, your designated individual will be sent an email confirmation instructing them to confirm their account and complete the registration process before they can proceed.  Please alert your designated individual that you are signing them up as an authorized payer and remind them that until they confirm their account, they will not have access to view your account or make payments.

Payment Plans

How do I sign up for the monthly payment plan?

Log in to your My Mercer account and click on the Manage My Account link. Then choose "Set Up a Payment Plan."


My employer will pay for my tuition. How can I sign up for the Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan?

You can print an enrollment form from our Website or retrieve one from our office. Complete the enrollment form and mail it along with verification of eligibility from your employer and the necessary fees.

Purchasing Books

How can I use my excess financial aid to pay for my books?

If your loans have been awarded and accepted, and you are registered at least half-time, you can come to the Bursar's Office and complete a Bear Card Transfer form authorizing a staff member to transfer excess funds from your tuition account to your Bear Card for the purchase of books.

What if I don’t use all the money I put on my Bear Card for books?

We are not able to refund monies that have been transferred to your Bear Card. The funds will remain on your Bear Card for future use. Upon graduation or withdrawal from Mercer, any funds in excess of $25 remaining on your Bear Card will be refunded to you upon request. Please contact Auxiliary Services for Bear Card refunds

Third Party Billing

What should I do if I am receiving tuition assistance from an outside agency?
Turn in your direct billing authorization form to the Bursar's Office. Students are responsible for making payment for any amounts not covered by the Third Party Agency. All billings will be submitted after the drop/add period ends.


What should I do if I get tuition assistance from the VA?


Turn in your authorization and Certification of Entrance to the Macon Registrar’s office. The Registrar's Office will certify it and the account will be notated by the Bursar's Office.


What should I do  if I participate in the Florida Prepaid program?

Students must contact Florida Prepaid directly and authorize them to release the funds to Mercer. Florida Prepaid Program will send a letter directly to Mercer authorizing us to bill them on a per credit hour amount. The student should also receive a letter telling them what the amount will be. You may deduct this amount from your billing statement. The Bursar's Office will bill the Florida Prepaid program after drop/add ends.

Financial Aid

My billing statement does not show the outside loan or scholarship I am getting. Why?

All outside loans and scholarships need to be reported to the Office of Financial Planning. Financial Planning will add these scholarship or loan funds to your total financial aid package. Once the scholarship or loan funds have been added to your package, they will be reflected on your account.


What should I do if my financial aid is not complete by the first day of class?


If you do not receive financial aid awards, you will be responsible for the full, immediate payment of your account. Once financial aid is received, your payment will be reimbursed to you.

Student Health Insurance

Should I contact the Bursar's Office in order to remove the Student Health Insurance?

No, do not contact the Bursar's Office concerning health insurance charges. View the detailed instructions on how to remove the insurance charges from your account.

Can the Student Health Insurance Premium be added to the Monthly Payment Plan or Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan?

Your insurance premium will be factored into your Nelnet monthly payment plan; however, the insurance CANNOT be included in the Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan.

Other Information

Where can I find information regarding other services offered by the University?

Registrar - transcripts, enrollment verifications, graduation, class schedules, and grades

Financial Aid - scholarships, loans and work study

Auxiliary Services - Bear Cards and Meal Plans

Mercer Police - Parking permits and parking tickets